Wednesday, November 23, 2011

White Pine™ Non-Fiction Nominees

Here are the White Pine™ Non-Fiction Nominees that we have.

Call Me Russell

Russell Peters
Random House Canada/ Doubleday Canada

You’ve seen him on the Comedy Network, he’s been on MTV Cribs and soon you’ll see him on the big screen. Get up close and personal with Russell Peters. The Brampton born comedian lays it all out, from growing up with immigrant parents, being bullied in school and having ADD, to deciding on a career as a comedian and sky rocketing to fame. Russell doesn’t leave anything out. It is an inspirational, touching, and very funny memoir.

Canada’s Wars: An Illustrated History
Jonathan Webb, J.L. Granatstein
Scholastic Canada

Canada’s Wars is a thorough overview of Canada's involvement in war since the Boer War in the 1880s. Suitable for intermediate to junior high school readers, this title will appeal to amateur historians just learning about Canadian military history or work well for students who wish to consult it as a ready reference tool. The level of analysis isn't overwhelming yet still conveys the significance of Canadian men and women's roles in both war and in peace. The sections on war after 1960 make this a valuable tool for students to gain a modern understanding of Canada on the world stage. This is an important book to have in your library collection.

I.D.: Stuff That Happens to Define Us

Kate Scowen, Peter Mitchell
Annick Press

This is a collection of personal narratives from ordinary people who, in their youth, underwent life changing moments that shaped who they are today. They are real stories of friendship, death, abuse, reconciliation and sexual orientation – told simply, authentically, for the purpose of helping teen readers develop their own i.d.’s ( identities) in similar circumstances.
As these tales are short, accompanied by graphical illustrations, followed by a bibliography of self-help resources at the end – this is an excellent book to generate classroom discussions on social issues.


Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: 10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World

Tom Rand, Dave Clark
Eco Ten Publishing

Tom Rand’s book, Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit advocates, through the use of 10 clean-energy technologies, how the world can be saved for this generation and future generations.
Beautifully photographed and written, each chapter details the energy source and how, by making changes in our lifestyles, we can rid ourselves and our earth of outdated fuel sources that hurt us and the planet.
Rand, a leader in environmental protectionism, has consulted with world renowned scientists who, like him, want to empower us to see the possibilities of a fossil fuel free world.

Nice Recovery

Susan Juby
Penguin Group Canada/Viking Canada

Today she is a notable Canadian author, but at the age of thirteen Susan Juby found her life spiraling out of control.  Seeking acceptance and approval, Juby turned to alcohol and extreme behaviour.   Nice Recovery is a memoir that gets to the heart of teen addiction and the long road to recovery that follows.  

Stick to Your Vision: How to Get Past the Hurdles & Haters to Get Where You Want to Be

Wes “Maestro” Williams
McClelland & Stewart

What is your vision and how will you obtain it?  Wes “Maestro” Williams, also known as the Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop, explores his ups and downs on his path to fame and offers advice along the way.  He  knows about the obstacles you may face in order to reach your goal and his realistic and empowering strategies will help you to get where you want to be.  In  Stick to Your Vision, Wes Williams helps you to define, realize, and maintain your goals in life. With inspirational stories from current artists like Drake, this is a must-read for anyone who has a dream.

Two Generals

Scott Chantler
McClelland & Stewart

In this action-packed  graphic novel,  readers will find themselves drawn in by Scott Chantler’s suspenseful, thrilling, and riveting story. Two Generals is a fascinating look at what life was like for the average Canadian soldier during WWII. Superbly written and illustrated, the story follows Chantler’s grandfather, juxtaposing his time in the armed forces with the end of his life as an old man, making the story profoundly touching. An intriguing mix of format and subject, Two Generals is as much at home in the hands of readers young and old alike.

Will to Live: Dispatches from the Edge of Survival

Les Stroud
Harper Collins Publishers

What does it take to survive in extreme and unpredictable circumstances?  How much does one’s survival depend on luck, knowledge, preparation, or inner fortitude?   Les Stroud explores some of the most well-known tales of survival and superimposes his wealth of experience on those situations.   Stroud relates what he would do in those situations.   What would you do if your life hung in the balance?

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